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We help professionals and organizations show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation and certification aligned to a range of international regulatory requirements and standards. With a focus on the solution and not just the problem of Compliance, we provide real world answers to the question businesses ask time and time again – "What does Compliance mean to us?"

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What Our Customers Say

I was an ISO 9001 Auditor for a Manufacturing company and I felt stuck in my career. The CIPA course expanded my knowledge of a large number of Management System Auditing components – Security, Risk management, Incident management, as well as others. I have now moved into a new role as an Internal Auditor covering a number of systems, giving me great opportunities for the future.

Grant Thomson Denmark

As a Business Analyst focussed on general analysis, I was struggling to find my next career move. The CIPI course opened my eyes to a new route that enhanced my existing skillset. I am happy to say that I am now a member of a Data Protection Compliance Programme at a large Financial organisation.

Jon Thomasson Netherlands

A lot of my clients demand very specific skillsets for Project Managers, some of which I just simply did not have. After attending the CIPI-P training, I can now add Data Protection implementation skills to my resume. This has opened up a multitude of opportunities for me.

Simon Neal Service Implementation Manager

The course had a huge amount of information to take onboard but the instructor brought this to life with lots of examples. I can now utilise these skills by referring to real world examples of solutions that deliver GDPR Compliance.

James Forman Business Analyst, United Kingdom

My career was in Regulatory Programme delivery but I had never worked on a GDPR programme before, which created barriers to entry. After having attended the CIPI-P course, I gained the knowledge required of a DPO and I now fulfil that role for a large Pharmaceuticals firm. The course really shows how by mapping solutions to Business problems, I can add real value.

Marissa Wood DPO

Our company was in limbo. We had no real consideration of what GDPR Compliance looked like. After attending both the CIPI-P and the CIPA courses, we now have huge insight into both GDPR Compliance Frameworks and GDPR solutions. The courses link these together, so financial spend is optimised, knowing that our controls framework is delivering against our business needs. Huge thanks also to the instructor, who was extremely knowledgeable.

Thomas Van Der Hugh United Kingdom

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